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Brawl update

2007-08-17 11:31:15 by FileClock

This new mode that came out for brawl is called The Subspace Emissary
and that just turned brawl from good to amazing.
but man i cannot wait until this comes out because
ao far they havnt explained half the Game and its already incredible.
i couldnt have asked for anything better to add
in the game.

Brawl update

Introducing FileClock!

2007-08-16 12:34:04 by FileClock

Coming from the deepest darkest corners
of the clockcrew is FileClock! a fla. File with a clock
on it. it took me sometime before i actually became official
but here i am! and im readyy to spam newgrounds and
bad quality flash for newgrounds. so comment this if you want
and im always looking for friends :D